Manual Payment Methods

  • How to pay with credit card/debit card to our bunq account

  • How to pay by bank transfer

When you select a 'Manual payment' ​you will receive an e-mail from our bank. If you already make a bank transfer or you prefer to pay by bank transfer you can ignore this e-mail.

The e-mail come from "bunq <>" and looks like this one:

Alternatively, you can make a transfer from your own bank account. We’ll process your order after we receive the payment. Please, specify your order number in the reference.

Account Holder: Suzon & Monte
IBAN: NL14 BUNQ 2042 3075 56
Bank: bunq
Bank address: 131-133 Naritaweg, 1043 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Check that the price is correct and follow the link in "make mayment". This lead to the following page:


Clicking in "Pay now" will lead to the formulary to provide the credit card/debit card details. Directly after the payment, we will receive a confirmation of it and we will let you know. 



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