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A sex toy is an object used to masturbate. But, this is a very specific definition and generally, we can say that a sex toy is any object which increases the sexual desire, arousal or pleasure. Which implies that anything can be or become a sex toy.


Sure enough, there are hundreds of thousands of different sex toys. unimaginable types by a single person. We are going to analyse a few according to several classifications. Each of these classifications attends to a different characteristic.



  • Classification of sex toys according to their function

    That is the most used classification for sex toys, as well as for any other instruments, as it is the easiest to understand. First, there are toys which can be penetrated, toys designed to penetrate, clitoral massagers, suckers and enhancers. Then, there are toys to restrainer movement, induce different sensations or deprive one or more senses. And finally, there are sex toys which are mainly furniture which, somehow, help increasing the sexual feelings or performance.

  • Classification of sex toys according to their mechanical control and autonomy

    As any other tool, sex toys can be created to work and to be controlled in different ways. Basically, they can be manually or automatically controlled. For the manual ones there is not much to say but, the automatic group can work with batteries or plugged into the electric network, can have a remote control with or without wires, and can also be controlled through internet.

  • Classification of sex toys according to their design

    Esentially, the design of a sex toy can be realistic or abstract. The former ones represent something concrete or tangible, such as a part of a human body, an animal or a tool. They can also represent creatures which doesn’t exist (such a unicorn) but, in a realistic way (they have fur). The latter ones are those without a specific and obvious physical inspiration or those which does not represent anything special.

  • Classification of sex toys according to their inspiration

    The inspiration for the design of a sex toy can come from many different points. It can be organic, meaning that it represent a whole being or part of it. This can be a human, an animal (either living or extinct), a plant, etc. Moreover, inspiration can come from mythical creatures such as dragons or griffin. Sex toys can also be inspired by inanimate objects, like tools, or technological designs, like electronic boards or engines


  • Classification of sex toys according to their material

    Along the human history sex toys have been built from all kind of materials, some better than others. Some substances are hard, such as rock, mineral, metal or glass; while others are soft, such as silicone or plastic. Some sex toys are also create from organic matter, like leather, silk or linen. Finally, toys made of clay deserve a separate note: even if they are used, their porosity and fragility make them one of the worst choices.