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In which colour shine your heart?

In which colour shine your heart?

Love Smiths offers a wide range of colour customization for your toys. You will find the image of many different possible colours below, which are taken from real samples.

Pigments are mixed by hand with silicone. Thus, the actual colour of your toy could be slightly different from the picture.

To choose the colour for your toy, all you need to do is to put the name of the colour in the 'customization' box on the desired product page.

The colours are mainly divided into three types:

Flat colours offered by Love smiths
Mettalic Colours offered by Love Smiths
Glow in the dark colours

Phosphorescent colours glow in the dark but, before, they need to be charged. Each colour requires a different light and different time to be completely charged. They all required a higher energetic light than the one they shine with. And the more energetic light they require, the more time they need. This means that, while orange charges fast and easily under any light conditions and glow brightly, blue and violet required direct sunlight for a while and their glow is less intense.

Uncomplete charges lead to paler and lower energetic colour glows. The best option is to charge them under direct sunlight for about half an hour rotating them every now and then so every corner of the toy gets some light. Don't worry about the silicone, the sun cannot do anything to it but, warm it up!

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