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About us
Boxing and Shipping
Who are the Love Smiths?

Two friends who likes to spend time having fun.

Where are the Love Smiths?

In Grenoble, France.

When the Love Smiths started?

We start considering this in 2018, and decide to make it happen at the beginning of 2019.

What the Love Smiths do?

Indulge in the enchantment of handcrafted fantasy sex toys, meticulously crafted with the safest materials for your body and the environment. Our commitment to quality ensures a luxurious experience tailored to your pleasure.

Why the Love Smiths do this?

Our journey to entrepreneurship stemmed from a desire for autonomy and enjoyment. Discovering the world of crafting sex toys not only empowered our independence but also sparked joy in our work. It's the perfect fusion of liberation and delight. 

How the Love Smiths do their toys?

That's a entreprise secret. We made some videos about it, though. You can find the video here.

Is Love Smiths a company?

Love Smiths is a trademark, own by us. We work under the legal frame of our artisanal entreprise 'Suzon & Monte SARL'.

What are your products made of?

We use only platinum cured silicone and skin-safe pigments to make all of our toys. 

Which kind of silicone do you use?

Our toys are made of platinum-cure silicone, a material known for its stability and safety. It isn’t toxic or irritant. By repealing water it doesn’t support microbial growth. It resists temperatures above 100 ºC which means that toys can be easily sterilized in boiling water.

The silicone that we use to produce our toys is traded as medical-grade, non-toxic, food-safe and adhere to FDA CFR 177.2600 requirements (rubber articles intended for repeated use).

What kind of colorants do you use?

We avoid the use of already-prepared colourants for silicone, instead, we use pigments in powder. The reason for this is to avoid additional substances in the toys as, basically, we cannot know what it is inside the liquid colourants.


We use two types of pigments: those which are edible (commonly used in all kind of food) and those which are not (even though none is toxic). Most of the colours in the toys (flat, metallic, ridescent) are made of edible pigments; phosphorescent colours are non-edible.

Recent changes in EU regulations make some of the pigments non-edible in Europe: white, silver, gold and iridescents.

What are the sources of your inspiration?

Immersed in the allure of fantasy, we draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, spanning from the latest cinematic marvels to timeless fairy tales. Our diverse backgrounds grant us insights into the rich tapestry of legends and myths from various cultures. By melding these influences with our unique perspectives, we weave a tapestry of our own creation, crafting a world brimming with imagination and wonder.

How to contact Love Smiths

You can either use the contact page or send us an email: ceo'at'

The phosphorescent colour is not glowing as you say it should glow.

Phosphorescent colors possess a captivating glow in the dark, yet to achieve their full brilliance, they require proper charging. Each hue demands a specific light spectrum and duration for optimal charging, with higher energy lights being essential for their activation. Notably, the more energetic the light source required, the longer the charging time. For instance, while orange swiftly charges under various lighting conditions, hues like blue and violet necessitate direct sunlight exposure for an extended period.

Incomplete charges result in fainter, less vibrant glows. The ideal method involves exposing them to direct sunlight for approximately half an hour, ensuring even rotation to evenly distribute light across every corner of the toy. Rest assured, this process poses no harm to the silicone material; rather, it merely warms it up, enhancing the overall experience.

Are you making a bigger size of the *** dildo?

Every now and then we consider to make a bigger version of a model. But only for the most popular (sold) ones. Are you interested in a specific one? Let us know, could be the next that we scale up!

How do you pack and ship the orders?

The packages we use for all toys are neutral and discreet. Just a cardboard box, paper tape and the sticker from the shipping company.
They sender name is Suzon & Monte (both names, or only one of them). When required (shipping outside EU), package content is described as "silicone sculpture" or something similar.

All the components of the packages are recycable and compostable: box, stickers, filling, and cellophane bag.

After shipping, how long will my order take to arrive?

The time it will take for the toy to arrive vary a lot, mainly depending in the country of destination. Officially, it take from one to twelve days. But, this is far beyond our control as multiple companies and borders can be involve in a specific shipment. We always offer a tracking number that helps to understant the state of the shipment.

After buying from you, do we need to pay import taxes, customs or other country taxes?

Based in France, we strictly adhere to French and European regulations. Although we ship globally, we do not impose any local taxes on shipments to your country. Import duties, customs fees, and other local taxes are your responsibility to handle. Fortunately, many of our shipping partners assist in declaring customs and import taxes on your behalf.

For further details, we recommend visiting our Customs Duties page for comprehensive information.

I got an email saying that the order have been shipped but the tracking number is not valid.

We update the status of an order to delivered when we purchase the shipping. However, the shipping companies don't inmediately pick up the package. Until they pick them up, the tracking numbers will show the packages as not valid (laposte). 

Please, wait 24 hours and chek it again. If it still doesn't work, contact us.

How much time will it take to made my order?

Our toy-making process occurs weekly, with production times varying between one to seven days depending on order volume. Subsequently, we dispatch orders multiple times per week, frequency contingent upon the volume of orders received. Please note that production delays may occur during holiday periods.

For personalized orders, additional time may be required based on our workload and current inventory availability. 

If I buy to send a gift, can you include a message?

Sure we can. Please write the message when making the order. 

If you are outside Europe you should keep in mind that we will be including an invoice outside the package (for legal reasons related to customs).

How to care for your silicone toys?

With proper care, your toy can become a cherished companion for a lifetime. Here are some essential tips to ensure its longevity:

  1. Before using your new toy, thoroughly clean it with soap and warm water.

  2. Use only high-quality water-based lubricants with your toy.

  3. After each use, meticulously clean and fully dry your toy to prevent bacterial growth.

  4. For sterilization, immerse your toy in boiling water or a 5% bleach solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

  5. Store your toy carefully in a protected environment. Our high-quality silicone is incredibly durable but should be shielded from chemicals and abrasive materials.

  6. Avoid biting or cutting the silicone with sharp objects, and prevent abrasion from rough surfaces to maintain its integrity."

These guidelines will help ensure that your toy remains in optimal condition for many years to come.

Additional tips for penetrable toys?

Penetrable toys, by their nature, are susceptible to splitting or tearing if overstretched. To prevent damage, we provide a size limit for each penetrable toy. Before making a purchase, ensure the inner hole diameter suits your needs and avoid overstressing, pinching, or scratching the toy with your fingernails.

In addition to standard toy care instructions, rinse water directly through the hole from a tap or shower and use your fingers to clean the interior thoroughly. After cleaning, allow the toy to air dry completely before storage to prevent moisture buildup.

Can I cancel an order? How?

Yes. It will be enough that you let us know (by email or contact form) provide the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Cancellation of a standard product


Cancellation of an order is possible with a full refund or store credit (including delivery fee) within fourteen days after the purchase. If the cancellation is made before the shipping, you will get a full refund or store credit (including delivery fee). After the shipping, you must follow the return policy to cancel.

  • Cancellation of a customized product


Cancellation of an order is possible with a full refund or store credit (including delivery fee) before the product is made. Once the product is made, cancellation is not possible.

More information in our Terms of Sales.

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