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A view of the mountains around Grenoble

About Us

We are two individuals who arrive at Grenoble in 2015. We bump into each other in a French course and start going out together. Nowadays, we share our pleasure for cooking, playing music, gym and socio-political discussions.

Last year we decided to quit science, already knowing what to do next: sex toys. Why? Just because it will make people like you happy and that is what we want for everyone. It is also a funny and creative work in which we are constantly learning.

After a year and a significant investment of time and money, we are glad to be able to share what we achieved. And here we bring you the first step :).

Expert in everything.

Manuel, that's me!

Mr. Tiger

Co-founder, Photographer, Electronic and Material expert 

Our values

The actual hands to make your toys















All the process, from designs to colouring and toys production, is entirely hand-craft. We will create every toy on demand, which gives customers a wide range of personalization. Specifically, we have dozens of colours and several hardnesses to choose from!

  • All our toys are designs by ourselves

  • We produce our own moulds

  • Our colourants are prepared by us

  • We make toys personally

We consider the product safety as our utmost priority; after all, it will be used in yours and ours precious bodies. Consequently we choose our materials and creation process to get the highest safety posible.

Moreover, we take the precautions needed to avoid contaminations from us to the toys or from the raw materials to us.

  • Our toys are made of platinum-cure silicone

  • A skin-safe and easily-to-sterilize material

  • Non-toxic and mostly edible pigments

  • Our moulds are solid to avoid the need for releasing agents

  • We work with a full set of personal protective equipment

We have developed an innovative procedure from scratch to bring you the best possible results

  • Our toys don't have sewing lines

  • Smooth and shiny finish

  • Anatomically realistic

  • Our dildos include the strongest suction cup ever

  • Our masturbators include a vacuum-controller hole

We care about our natural environment and the societies around us. Thus, we are producing hand-crafted fantasy sex toys in a different way than others.

  • We reduce and compensate our carbon footprint

  • We work with nearby enterprises

  • We reuse or recycle our scraps

  • We design and produce in Europe

  • We work for a more inclusive society

Each creature of fantasy tales has its own characteristics. Their sexual organs should also reflect their own nature, distinctive from humankind. To create our toys we expand each creature characteristics to its genitals. The whole concept awakens new desires by exciting the imagination and creating new experiences of pleasure and sensuality.

  • Each toy has a distinctive aspect which resembles the creature it represents

  • Different textures inside and outside

  • Attractive colours related to the personality of each creature

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