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Our values

Handcrafted with love

Handcrafted with love

All the process, from designs to colouring and toys production, is entirely hand-craft. We will create every toy upon each order, which gives customers a wide range of personalization. Specifically, we have dozens of colours to choose from!

The process of creating one single toy can take many hours. But, once the first one is produced, many more can be replicated consecutively. First, we define the idea and make a 3D model of the future toy. After it is easy to correct the design to avoid obvious problems in the following steps. Once we are happy with the design of the toy, it is time to design the mould.

Our moulds have the minimum parts possible (usually two) so, no visible sewing lines remain in the finished toys. We planned them to be sturdy and handy while minimizing the employed material. Some trial-and-error cycles allowed us to reach a convenient design for different types of toys.

Then, the most critical point: first casting. A colourless silicone is poured into the mould and the followings are being checked: will the details be visible in the toy? will it brake the toy or the mould, during unmoulding? When something goes wrong during these testing, we go back to the beginning, to redesign the toy. When everything goes well, we move on and several toys are made using that mould to test different colour, usability, the mechanical strength of the toys. Again we check the results and we can go back or forward, as decided.

Finally, we can make more moulds and the production of the toys grow exponentially! The success is proportional to the love provided.

Respectful with our environment

Respectful with our environment

We care about us but, also about our natural environment and the societies around us. Thus, we are producing hand-crafted fantasy sex toys in a different way than others to minimize our impact.

We are deeply committed to the environment and earth. That’s why, we do our best to work with geographically-close enterprises to minimize our carbon footprint: most of the materials, tools and packaging stuffs come from local companies in our region. Only the silicone comes from outside Europe as, to our knowledge, there is none silicone industry here. After evaluating silicone from several suppliers, we choose among them the one offering the silicone with the best properties. Additionally, we are working in ways of reusing waste materials ourselves instead of just send them to recycle.

Europe, and France, lack creativity in the fantasy genre as large companies focus on delicate designs. Moreover, they mostly produce their toys elsewhere (China), which means additional travels of goods around the world. Besides, the creation of fantasy sex toys is, until now, focused in the USA. However, bringing them to Europe is more expensive and contaminant than making them here. We want to change this, designing and producing in Europe for you and for us.


Furthermore, we take all precautions to stay safe and healthy. With respect to work, basically, no result worth any risk. Thus, we work in ventilated areas and handle raw materials as needed: gloves, goggles, masks, etc. Raw materials are stored carefully (not stacked up) and they are kept out of the way when they are nor needed. Finally, waste materials are properly divided according to different criteria: reusable, recyclable by us, recyclable (but not by us), etc.

High-quality sex toys: Our innovation

High-quality sex toys: Our innovation

We have conceived a complete procedure from scratch to bring you the best possible result.

What characterizes our handcrafted sex toys?

First of all, the body of our toys is made with a one-piece mould. Meaning that they have no sewing lines anywhere which will, otherwise, distort the design. And due to the smoothing of the moulds, your future toy has a soft and polished finish.

Our toys are also anatomically realistic as the designs include details such as urethras, testicles, and veins. Of course, each race (model) has different characteristics which make each toy unique. Some have more than one urethra or more than two testes, some have faint veins while in others are deeply marked.

Additionally, all toys have a strong suction cup in the bottom, formed in the same piece of silicone. The cup serves two purposes: will allow you to place the toy on multiple surfaces to have fun and will avoid you to accidentally lose the toy inside somewhere.

Toys safety

Toys safety

We consider product safety as our utmost priority; after all, it will be used in yours and our precious bodies. Consequently, we don’t use any unnecessary substance in the toys neither any toxic substances all along the manufacturing process.

An example of this is the choice of employing solid plastic moulds instead of flexible silicone ones. Will be easier to work with silicone moulds but, casting a silicone toy over a silicone mould requires the use of a releasing agent (generally toxic, irritant and flammable). The best way to make sure that this product doesn’t remain in the toys is not to use it.

However, there is no regulation (not in France, not in Europe, not Internationally) about sex toys production. And this legislative void leaves us the responsibility of ensuring the quality of our products.

Pigments (0.1 to 2 % of the toy)

We avoid the use of already-prepared colourants for silicone and, instead, we use pigments in powder. The reason for this is to avoid additional substances in the toys as, basically, we cannot know what it is inside the liquid colourants.

We use two types of pigments: those which are edible (commonly used in all kind of food) and those which are not (even though none is considered as toxic). Most of the colours in the toys (flat, metallic, iridescent) are made of edible pigments; only phosphorescent colours are non-edible.

Before adding the pigments to the silicone, the powder is sieved below 0.24 mm to avoid big chunks in the finished toys. And once the silicone is cured the powder became encapsulated. Post-processing the toy removes the remaining pigments in the surface and our tests show that no pigment is loss in further exposition to water or alcohol.

However, phosphorescent toys should not be licked.

Platinum-cure Silicone (98 to 99.9 % of the toy)

Our toys are made of platinum-cure silicone, a material known for its stability and safety. It isn’t toxic or irritant. By repealing water it doesn’t support microbial growth. It resists temperatures above 100 ºC which means that toys can be easily sterilized in boiling water.

The silicone that we use to produce our toys is traded as medical-grade, non-toxic, food-safe and adhere to FDA CFR 177.2600 requirements (rubber articles intended for repeated use). Meaning that can be used in contact with food. What is the relation between this and the sexual use?

Silicone is traded untagged or tagged as skin-safe or food-safe. Skin-safe means non-irritant to skin contact while food-safe means that can be used to contain food and liquids at high and low temperature. We understand that the last category is generally safer, even when does not necessarily include the former. As our toys are intended for sexual use, we considered more important the usability of the material under a broad range of conditions: contact with water-based and oil-based lubricants, disinfection under boiling water, etc.

But, as other characteristics are also important, we considered performing several tests normally applied to medical devices or toys for children. However, those tests are performed over live animals and their application is (in Europe) restricted to strictly required cases. Sex toys (which intended use is intermittent, over adults and with a contact time with the body below 48 h) doesn’t fall into this category.

There could be a workaround to evaluate the result of some of these tests, but the moral implications of these choices made us reject the idea. As it could be as easy as contact enterprises in countries with lower regulations to perform the tests over animals, or even, over people. Does it worth to perform these tests on live animals or people to proof beyond the necessity the safety of products? We don’t think so.

The sexuality of fantasy folks: Our conception

The sexuality of fantasy folks: Our conception

Fantastic creatures originated within the European folklores serve as a source of ideas for our toys. Along the years, they have been taken and modified in all kinds of fantasy tales. Multitude worlds have been created, all kind of creatures described physical and psychically. However, in all these times, few wonders about an important part of their existence: how do they reproduce? Are they similar to humans or they are not?

Few people have focused their interest in the sexual appearance and behaviour of these creatures. Or, if they did, no records arrive at us. The common fantasy art which can be found nowadays, depict all these creatures with realistic human genitalia. But each of these creatures has its own characteristics. Their sexual organs should also reflect their own nature, distinctive from humankind.

To create our toys we expand each creature characteristics to its genitals. Thus, we use scales, spikes, wrinkles and protuberances and we play with the shape to give each toy a distinctive aspect. And not the only aspect, as each has a different texture which is able to excite you and rising new sensations in its own way. Additional, far from using flat and uniform colours, we combine different pigments to provide attractive appearances, also related to the personality of each creature. Sparks, shades and mixtures increase the richness of the designs and giving each toy a singular touch. Definitely, we use the collective imagination to create unique toys with its own facet. The whole concept awakens new desires by exciting the imagination and creating new experiences of pleasure and sensuality.

We understand that humankind is diverse: what is good for someone isn’t necessarily good for another. So, we did a bit of research in human genitalia shape and size. Happen to be that penises and vulvae size are surprisingly variable. We use this information and design each toy taking the human shapes and sizes most close to our concept of the creature. Of course, at some point we went out of the real human standards, and there lies the fun.

Nude male troll showing penis
Nude female troll
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