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Drop in shipping prices


From now on shipments will be cheaper. Since we have received a better offer from the transport companies we work with. In addition, we can offer free shipping for all orders that exceed a certain amount.

Free Shipping

to France, EU, USA and Canada

over 150 €

worldwide over 200 €

A dragon pulling a wagon

Below this amount, orders will include a shipping fee:

FRANCE: 3.00 €

EU: 10.75 €

USA: 12.00 €

Rest of the world: from 15.00 €

All orders are send in a discreet box.

All the package is completely recyclable and compostable.


Finally, we only use carbon neutral shipping, the CO2 generated in transport is offset by shipping companies:

  • We use LaPoste for deliveries to France, Monaco, Andorra, Corsica, Rusia and French Islands.

  • We use DHL for the rest of the world.

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