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Born in Madrid in 1985. PhD in Chemistry.

Why make sex toys?

Because it is fun and novel. Because it is practically prohibited and, at the same time, it is tremendously attractive. Because unlike many people I know, I do a job I like. In our case, it is also a creative and manual work. Which we love.

What did you do before?

Research, we could say I was doing science. I did a PhD. in Madrid and a postdoc in Grenoble. Many things happened and I ended burnt out. Most of the people I have worked with were lovely and it has been a pleasure that they have bumped into my life. However, in many cases, research is not a pleasant way to live life: uncertainty, dependence... The effort does not always imply good results and good results do not imply recognition either. On the other hand, although many people have science on a pedestal, the truth is that it is full of garbage. When you see how things work or how, why and to whom money moves, you end up getting tired.

How did you end up making sex toys?

I have always liked manual work. I've spent my life drawing and designing things. At some point I started carving wood and working leather and, there, I did something that would change everything. I carved in wood the handle of a sword, a version of the Jedi lightsaber. They told me that it looked like a dildo and that I could sell handmade wooden dildos on the internet. At that time I had no idea how big the wooden dildos market actually is. In any case, that was a joke among my friends, until I resumed it several years later.

I had been in Grenoble for a year, where I met my current partner. We had become friends right away, it is what it has to be in a place where you practically don’t know anyone, and we used to go out two or three times a week. And, speaking a bit of everything, tired of research, we asked ourselves: what will you do if you leave it? That is how the subject came up again, but the wood did not convince me. The inspiration came with a random internet search: dildos, silicone, dragons. Exactly, that was what I would have to do.

At first Suzon considered that it was nonsense but, after several weeks explaining different options, he convinced himself and said: Ok, it seems plausible but, how exactly would you do it? As, if we are doing it, it must work. From that moment on, half of our discussions were about sex toys or about their manufacturing process. It took us a year and a half to have clear ideas: what we wanted to do and how, what we needed, how it was going to be sold, etc.

What do your family and friends think?

Although at first there were those who had their doubts, in general, I am supported. When I told my father he laughed and when I told my mother she replied "Do what you want, son". My older friends aren’t too much surprised, if anyone had to do it, it was me. After all, they give the profile of our clients, not that they are openly furry or kinky, but they are geek enough. But the newest people were surprised, especially the most innocent, although they are knowing me.

Becoming entrepreneur, has it been as easy as it looked?

No way. It has turned out to be a constant obstacle course. But not for the business itself, that's the easy part. But for bureaucracy and society. We had trouble finding a place to set up our workshop, when they didn’t directly reject the idea of making sex toys they told us that we were going to make a lot of noise (less than the one that makes a washing machine, by the way). Moreover, it is impossible to create a bank account if your business is related to sex. And finally, the scientific status of my partner’s previous visa was incompatible with the creation of a company; even if we were ready, we were unable to register it..

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