High-quality sex toys: Our innovation

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

We have conceived a complete procedure from scratch to bring you the best possible result.

What characterizes our handcrafted sex toys?

First of all, the body of our toys is made with a one-piece mould. Meaning that they have no sewing lines anywhere which will, otherwise, distort the design. And due to the smoothing of the moulds, your future toy has a soft and polished finish.

Our toys are also anatomically realistic as the designs include details such as urethras, testicles, and veins. Of course, each race (model) has different characteristics which make each toy unique. Some have more than one urethra or more than two testes, some have faint veins while in others are deeply marked.

Additionally, all toys have a strong suction cup in the bottom, formed in the same piece of silicone. The cup serves two purposes: will allow you to place the toy on multiple surfaces to have fun and will avoid you to accidentally lose the toy inside somewhere.

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