Troll Family

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The Troll Family is characterized by large people whose bodies are covered with bumps due to bulging of the bones and hard scales that grow over the skin. They have exceptionally large mouths and a shoulder width much greater than that of the hips. their skin colour varies between blue-grey and brownish yellow, being light green also common. As happen with Goblins, females are larger. The pairings are temporary and, when they reproduce, they have between one and three offspring.

There are at least four tribes among this Family which agglutinate at the southern end of the continent. I will reserve the term Troll for the tribe with the largest size, the most different and isolated of all. The smaller one, related to the Hobgoblin tribe, will be called Hobtroll. And the other two that I have been able to distinguish, will be called Sostroll and Trolloid.

The larger tribe is a secret even for the other troll tribes. They inhabit the highest and coldest of the Southern Limit, where snow never melts and where storms occur daily. They are, if we can call them that, the largest people: before adolescence, they weigh two tons and, the oldest, reach sixteen. They seem to grow so fast that they don't have time to absorb too much knowledge and develop intelligence. It would be said that they are all clumsy and foolish beings who, when they do not kill each other, die of old age in just four decades.

The Hobtroll tribe, in which the trolls are smaller, inhabits the beaches and valleys of the south-west. This group has no special relationship with the other tribes of the Troll Family and is closely related to the Hobgoblin tribe, a fact that is reflected in their skin tones that tend to reddish-orange. In fact, it is common to find populations and even mixed families. So much so that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish who belongs to which group. Their customs are not distinguished much from those of other Hobgoblin and Goblin villages in the region. They are sedentary, cultivate the land, raise animals, fish, tan leather, dress and fit footwear, work metal, wood and precious stones. The latter are obtained by trading with other troll tribes, to which they offer tools, clothing and preserved food.

The other two tribes are very similar to each other. They occupy the slopes of the mountains of the South Limit, the surrounding valleys and the nearby cliffs and islands. In general, they have a fierce and bellicose character, unwilling to attend to reasons. The continuous disputes and alliances between groups of different or from the same tribe make it dangerous to enter their territories and difficult to understand how they are distributed. They live in adobe and wood shacks built on stone foundations that are nothing but the ruins of the ancient cities of the Ancient People.

The east and south islands of the continent are mainly occupied by the Sostroll tribe, along with some populations on the cliffs and coves that have difficult access from the continent. They are smaller than the others, almost human-sized, and have light grey hair and skin. Although members of other tribes can display these colours, they do so in darker tones or in combination with other colours. They are exceptional sailors and natural survivors accustomed to the storms of the high seas and the harshness of winter. Every year the South Ocean freezes whole, isolating the islands of the continent so, each town must survive alone until spring.

The Trolloide tribe is distributed on the slopes of the mountains of the South Limit, with some populations in valleys and nearby islands. They do not form, at all, a homogeneous group but they are what in the north is understood as a troll. Most are large, brutal and dimly lit but, at the same time, they are friendly and protective with those they appreciate. In general they do not distrust unknown people since, as they have told me several times, they are "quite capable of surviving the annoyance of an insect." Indeed, only the northern giants seem to be rivals at their side capable of enduring a clash. Despite their brutality, their society instils in them a strange and strict sense of duty and I have never heard of a Trolloid that does not keep her word. That, incidentally, in many cases it has to do with bloody revenge.

Both the Trolloide tribe and the Sostroll have similar customs and industries. Only those of the highest rank wear clothing or sandals, while most do not wear more than a leather loincloth, usually frayed. The most extravagant clothing comes to the region through trade with the Hobtroll tribe, since none of these tribes manages to make more than coarse cape made with animal skins. The same goes for the tools, those that are nothing more than polished stone come through trade with their sisters.

On the contrary, they are exceptional sculptors, capable of granting unparalleled realism. As who says, they give life to the stones. There is a tradition among them called petratanatu. It consists of sculpting a representative stone figure of a dead person. Usually, the old women carve a sculpture of themselves but, if they die early, a family member or friend takes care of the task. These statues represent daily actions, something that the person liked especially and, generally, they are left in public or private places according to the criteria of each one. Some of these carvings are so impressively realistic that, in the past, they gave rise to the legend among the Goblines that the light of dawn transformed the trolls into stone.

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