History of the races of the Love Smiths

There used to be seven families of the people-kind. All of them born from the same one. Few it is known of these ancient people, those who we called the Old Ones. They were, truly, more animals than people, as they barely knew how to control fire or manipulate tools. It is said that they lived in the southern continent, in the woods and prairies which abounded even those days.

At that time the world was different. Much more. The mountains called Pillar of the Sky, far in the north, were under the sea; and, the Central Bridge, the isthmus which joins both continents, did not exist. The continents themselves were much smaller and were much farther away from each other.

A map of the fantastic Love Smiths land displaying the original born places of each race.
The map of the known world displaying the original born place of each family of the people-kind.

Legends say that either an earthquake or a volcano created the Central Bridge in one single night. And then, half of the Old Ones crossed the isthmus while the other half remained in their land. Thus, our common family split into two groups.

Soon after, part of the northern group gave rise to the Dwarf family. While part of the southern group gave rise to the Gnome family. Making these two families the oldest of the siblings.

Later, hundreds of thousands of years after, the southern ones split again. The ones who remained in the greenwoods became the Goblin family while those who climbed the mountains of the Southern Limit became the Troll family.

Meanwhile, in the north continent, another group gave rise to the Elf family, in the east. While in the west they split into the newest siblings: the Human family and the Ork family.

But the time changes everything and, thousands of years later, the families moved. They explored the Earth one time more and met their lost siblings. And then, they make love to each other, which joined all the people-kind again.

So, we are now. Those who inherited from all the families.

A genealogical tree of the several fantastic races of the Love Smiths showing how close each pair is related
The family tree of the people-kind displays how close each pair of families is related.

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