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Didn't findthe colours you are looking for? Would you like to Personalize Your Werewolfess?



You might have heard legends of its coming many moons ago. Its birth was announced to the world as a near event by blinded oracles but fate decided that its release into the world would have to wait. After a long wait, the Werewolfess is finally ready to roam the earth.

She Climbs trees for a far-reaching view and you might see her tail disappearing in the bushes or if you are silent enough you might get close enough for a glimpse of her bountiful tits...


  • Product info:
    • Colours:
      • Legendary: A mixture of Andromeda, Neptune and Night colours on fur and tail. Cosmic pink (GITD) boobs.
      • Heroic: A mixture of pearlescent colours (Green, Blue and purple) on fur and tail. Pure Love (GITD) boobs.
      • Surprise: Probably the most interesting and beautiful choice. Made with random beautiful colours. You can let us know if you have any colour preferences, but we can not promise it will be kept.


As most of the products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example. Multiple colour pouring will be done by random marble mixing. More about colours and how to charge phosphorescent ones here:


  • Firmness: This product comes with a default shore hardness of 00-20;


  • Weight: ~570 g;


  • Dimensions: Shown in the image. This masturbator is good for penises up to 22 cm (8.6 inches) in circumference. Above that, it will start to feel tight. 


You might find that these "masturbator" toys have a thin silicone membrane on the inside of the duct. This hymen is a consequence of the moulds used to shape the toy and a natural outcome of the creation process. Just like the one in "real" people, this hymen might take different shapes. Whenever it is necessary, we carefully trim this membrane. The traces that remain are very soft (skin-like) in texture and will not affect the usability of the toy. They might naturally disappear after a few uses or can be (very) gently removed (not recommended) with your fingers.


Note: As most of the products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example. The tail of this toy is a separate part that was glued well to the body. Do not pull it hard. In case of damage, we will not be responsible.


€125.00 Regular Price
€112.50Sale Price
VAT Included
    Love Smiths toys made of platinum cured silicone, makes it 100% body-safe
    Love Smiths toys have food colorant inside, makes it 100% body-safe
    Eco friendly production and packaging
    All Love smiths products are handcrafted
    Love Smiths toys are made in France

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