Handcrafting toys

All the process, from designs to colouring and toys production, is entirely hand-craft. We will create every toy upon each order, which gives customers a wide range of personalization. Specifically, we have dozens of colours to choose from!

The process of creating one single toy can take many hours. But, once the first one is produced, many more can be replicated consecutively. First, we define the idea and make a 3D model of the future toy. After it is easy to correct the design to avoid obvious problems in the following steps. Once we are happy with the design of the toy, it is time to design the mould.

Our moulds have the minimum parts possible (usually two) so, no visible sewing lines remain in the finished toys. We planned them to be sturdy and handy while minimizing the employed material. Some trial-and-error cycles allowed us to reach a convenient design for different types of toys.

Then, the most critical point: first casting. A colourless silicone is poured into the mould and the followings are being checked: will the details be visible in the toy? will it brake the toy or the mould, during unmoulding? When something goes wrong during these testing, we go back to the beginning, to redesign the toy. When everything goes well, we move on and several toys are made using that mould to test different colour, usability, mechanical strength of the toys. Again we check the results and we can go back or forward, as decided.

Finally, we can make more moulds and the production of the toys grow exponentially!

The success is proportional to the love provided.

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