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Didn't find  the colours you are looking for? Would you like to Personalize Your Cerberus

Enjoy the exquisite curves of his animal form. Feel him and fill yourself with his mighty knot. Appreciate his base covered with many spikes and fur. 


Product info:

  • Colours:
    • Legendary: A ribbon-style shade of Truth II*, (Cape Verde+Metallic green) and Sun.
    • Heroic: The shaft is a ribbon-style Shade of survival and cosmic, Base is the marble of gold and Amethyst.
    • Surprise: Made with random beautiful colours. You can let us know if you have any colour preferences, but we can not promise it will be kept.

Note: As most of the products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example.


  • Firmness: This product comes with a default hardness soft.


  • Weight: ~1kg.


Fantasy Storyline: Cerberus, the infamous hellhound of Greek mythology, was born to Typhon and Echidna, two fearsome monsters in the Underworld. With three heads and a mane of serpents, Cerberus was charged with guarding the entrance to the Underworld and preventing the dead from escaping.


Despite his fierce reputation, Cerberus was not invincible. Hercules, the son of Zeus, was tasked with capturing Cerberus as one of his twelve labors. Hercules journeyed to the Underworld and confronted the fearsome creature, using his strength and wits to subdue him.


Cerberus was brought to the surface and presented to King Eurystheus, who was so terrified of the creature that he ordered Hercules to return him to the Underworld immediately. With the task complete, Hercules had proven his worth and secured his place in legend.


Cerberus continued to guard the entrance to the Underworld, feared and respected by all who encountered him. His ferocity and loyalty to his duty earned him a place as a symbol of the Underworld and a lasting legacy in Greek mythology.


€125.00 Regular Price
€112.50Sale Price
VAT Included
    Love Smiths toys made of platinum cured silicone, makes it 100% body-safe
    Love Smiths toys have food colorant inside, makes it 100% body-safe
    Eco friendly production and packaging
    All Love smiths products are handcrafted
    Love Smiths toys are made in France

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