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Our dildos, now poured with rainbow colours!! They glow under black (ultraviolet) light. 

As products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example. 


All are made of silicone of medium firmness. All have a suction cup made of the same piece of silicone. Details about the sizes below. Personalization is not possible.


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Usable length: 15 cm. Knot diameter: 5.6 cm. ~490 g. 


Ork Herculean:
Usable length ~15 cm. Maximum diameter: 5.2 cm.  ~480 g. 


Ogredragon Mammoth:
Usable length ~20.5 cm. Maximum diameter: 4.7 cm. ~650 g. 


Medusa's Rattle: 
Usable length: 16 cm. Máximum diameter: 6.3 cm. ~520 g. 


Stheno's Tail: 
Usable length: 16 cm. Máximum diameter: 5.5 cm. ~520 g. 


Troll Mammoth:
Usable length 19.0 cm. Maximum diameter: 6.5 cm. ~780 g. 

Completely handcrafted.
100% body-safe silicone.
100% body-safe colour.
100% water-repellent: By repealing water it doesn’t support microbial growth.
Dildos includes a super strong suction cup.
Produced and packaged in an eco-friendly way.

Volcano Pride Dildos

€80.00 Regular Price
€72.00Sale Price
VAT Included
    Love Smiths toys made of platinum cured silicone, makes it 100% body-safe
    Love Smiths toys have food colorant inside, makes it 100% body-safe
    Eco friendly production and packaging
    All Love smiths products are handcrafted
    Love Smiths toys are made in France

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