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Didn't findthe colours you are looking for? Would you like to Personalize Your Rattle?


You might be bedazzled by the hissing snakes on her head, but watch you back, because Medusa's rattle is just as formidable. Don't get rattled though, this girl's move will be pure ecstasy. 


Medusa’s tail or should we call it rattle for its similarity with a famous desert snake’s appendage is not your usual dildo. If you were starting to think all dildos are the same, it is just because you’ve never met Medusa’s toy of untold pleasures. 


Its shape is unlike any other toy: look at its generous width from the front. Turn it at 45° and see its narrower side. Now, just imagine all the different feeling you could get, from its non-cylindrical shape, if you sensually rotated it… Can you imagine the thrill each of its delicately textured bulges can procure? Medusa’s rattle will have your ears ringing from pleasure.


This toy comes with three types of base: flat, suction cup and plug-compatible (for harness connection). 


Product info:

  • Colours:
    • Epic: A marble of Dark Green Iridescent, Dark Silver and GITD Green.
    • Heroic: Shades and Threads of fluorescent pink, yellow, blue and metallic gold.

Note: As most of the products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example.


  • Firmness: This product comes with a default hardness medium.


  • Weight: ~520g.

Gorgons (Medusa's) Rattle

€80.00 Regular Price
€72.00Sale Price
VAT Included
    Love Smiths toys made of platinum cured silicone, makes it 100% body-safe
    Love Smiths toys have food colorant inside, makes it 100% body-safe
    Eco friendly production and packaging
    All Love smiths products are handcrafted
    Love Smiths toys are made in France

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