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Cyan Elemental

This set is made from the core of a water elemental and it's especially useful for Elementalist wizards. The core must be collected after the elemental's death. However, only expert fabricators succeed to get their material soul before it vanishes from our realm. Get +2 to water magic!


Rainbow Dragon 

The core of the dice is made from the last tail bone. This bone, called the spear by the connoisseurs, is the hardest of all the Dragon’s bones. Each face is then covered with skin from their ankle. This part of their skin is beautifully covered by small and colourful scales. Only two sets of dice can be made from a single Rainbow Dragon. Rainbow dragons are small fairy-like dragons, clearly identifiable by their multi-coloured scales. The vibrant colours around their rear legs play an important role in courtship.


Rusty Magic

A very old dice set from the expansion times of the Conclave. They were granted to High Officials as a sign of power as they could be used as magical focuses. After the fall of the Conclave, many fought for them and they stayed close to the power. Nowadays, the remaining ones are in the hands of a few collectors who know their historical value.


Galaxy Crystal

Celestia is an Elvish region famous for its crystal craftsmanship. The crystals grow close to the inner lakes and are ritually collected under the light of a full moon. To make a Galaxy Crystal dice set, crafters shape the crystal by magic and engrave it in silver.


Purple Automata

A long time ago, Gnomes developed a paradigm-changing technology. They created the first automata. This ancient technology, nowadays lost in time, was replaced by modern steam and electric ones. However, some of these creations remain active, continuing to carry out their ancient orders in the Wastelands of Oblivion. The fools who adventured there, if they survive, are often rewarded with items and materials of extreme beauty. This set is made from the artificial brain of automata.


Apprentice's Set

Arcane apprentices learn how to manipulate reality to favour their chances; however, they’re still far from the abilities of their masters and can’t avoid great mistakes. It’s highly common that magic students crook their dices in the first year… and that’s why they often end up losing their gamblings. +1 to all rolls above 3. All 1, 2 and 3 results become 1.



Each set contains seven metal dices:

  • One D4 - A four-faced dice
  • One D6 - A six-faced dice
  • One D8 - A eight-faced dice
  • Two D10 - Two ten-faced dice, one with ones, one with tens
  • One D12 - A twelve-faced dice
  • One D20 - A twenty-faced dice


  • Optional wood box made in red sandalwood. Only available for Automata, Crystal and Apprentice's Set. The box is not available for the other three as the dices are relatively bigger.


  • Delivery: When ordering alone, items in the "Accessories" group are shipped with Colissimo (France, Andorra, Corsica, Russia) or Delivengo (rest of the world), both systems provide a tracking number. 
  • Note: The icons shown below the description does not belong to this product.

Dice Set: Metal

VAT Included
    Love Smiths toys made of platinum cured silicone, makes it 100% body-safe
    Love Smiths toys have food colorant inside, makes it 100% body-safe
    Eco friendly production and packaging
    All Love smiths products are handcrafted
    Love Smiths toys are made in France

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