Personalized Tattooed Elf

Love Smiths presents the Tattooed Elf masturbator.


Subtle and lethal as only an elf can be. This sex toy for the males has a discreet vulva. She shows faint but exquisite details. Her clitoris is small but pointy. The exterior part of the toy is cover by a design inspired by elvish tattoos, as one of her male counterparts. This vulva has a narrow entrance which widens slightly to allow the penis entry but, which narrows again squishing the gland as it advances.


Besides, a hole in the end part allows you to make a vacuum inside by closing it with a finger. The hole also helps during cleaning as water can be flushed through both sides of the toy.


The Elf is the perfect toy for people who prefer delicate designs and a tight grip around their penis.


Follow the steps to successfully personalize your Elf masturbator:

  • Select the number of colours: from 1 to 3.

  • In the personalization box:

    • Write your choice of colours: the available colours are shown in the images.

    • For more than one colour, write the pouring style you want: marble or gradient. If gradient, point out which colour should be near the vagina (clitoris/entrance) and which one for the other side.

    • Do you want some suggestions on colours or pouring styles? Have a look at our product gallery.


  • Single colour personalization is free of charge. Prices update when the number of colours is selected.
  • Weight: ~455 g.
  • Firmness: This product comes with a default shore hardness of 00-20.
  • Dimensions: This toy has an exterior diameter of 6.0 cm(max) and a length of 19.5 cm (max). The hole of the toy has a minimum hole diameter of 1.5 cm (0.5 inches). This masturbator is good for penises up to 12 cm (4.7 inches) of the circumference. Above that, it will start to feel tight.

Personalized Tattooed Elf


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